How to get eVisa for Ukraine?

29 July 2019

Several reasons can be distinguished why people travel to other countries. But in all cases before passing a borderline, people are obliged obtain a visa. Now people can save their time and effort while applying for an e-Visa.

What is an e-Visa?

It's a file that allows one particular person to arrive into different territory. To obtain this e-document citizens need to send all the info and to become a foreign-passport owners, if they still don't have such a document.

e-Visa will be given to those citizens that have sent appropriate data. If this particular request is successful, a person receives a link where he can download his e-Visa. 

While passing the borderline, it is recommended to have a physical copy of e-Visa. Most of the time officers that check people's visa's at port complete verification via computer, but in case of system failure it is better to have the copy with you. It can be a hard copy (on a sheet of paper), or as a file on a laptop or tablet.

e-Visa to Ukraine

In these circumstances a citizen from given foreign territories should apply for an e-visa to visit Ukraine:

  • For exploration.
  • Working purposes.
  • For medical reasons (such as surgery).
  • For educational, cultural, scientific or sports activities (such as competitions) purposes.
  • Visiting as a foreign mass media representative;
  • Private purposes (to visit friends or relatives, etc.).

There is a list of countries whose residents need to ask for an e-Visa in order to pass the borderline. The list includes 52 countries. For example, e-Visa eligible countries are as follows: China, Malaysia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Costa Rica, Ecuador etc. 

The full list of these 52 countries you can see on official Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (, in the Consular Affairs section, or below:

How to apply for Ukranian e-Visa?

There is a four-step scheme, after fulfilling every step, you'll receive e-Visa. The steps are as follows:


Visit a webpage You'll find a request to create an e-account. 

Filling info

You'll find a homepage, there you may check once more, whether you need an e-Visa to travel. There are 2 fields, in first one enter name of the country whose citizen you are, e.g., Ecuador. Then fill in your visiting purpose, e.g., tourism. You'll receive this message saying that people from this country are obliged to get an e-Visa in order to travel. Which means, that it is necessary to create an e-account.

In order to register, click on a register-button which is placed in an upper right corner (see the picture below). 


Then fill the following information:


After completing this step, you’ll receive a verification request via e-mail. Verify your e-mail and you can use your account to send official documents for an e-Visa.

Upload copies of official documents

Ukrainian e-Visa necessary documents, you have to upload them:

  • passport;
  • photos;
  • health insurance;
  • proof of funds;
  • documented confirmation of a visiting purpose.

If you’re not sure what data to upload, in the "Help" section you can find sufficient details about each category. For example, after choosing a passport category, you’ll read which pages you need to copy and upload.

Fee payment

You will have to pay a 85 USD fee by using your MasterCard/Visa card. 

Application processing will take a maximum of 9 business days. Link to download e-Visa (if successful) or refusal will be sent via e-mail. e-Visa is downloaded in PDF-format. The certificate will be valid during 30 days after arrival. It is advised to print out e-Visa in order to obtain a hard copy.

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