Business visa to Ukraine, get invitation

29 July 2019

Successful, productive business relations with partners in European countries, America, Asia and other parts of the globe is an important aspect of the qualitative development of any infrastructure in our country. Every day in Ukraine conduct hundreds of talks about possible cooperation in various fields of activity. But in order to get to our country on a business trip, you should familiarize yourself with how to issue Ukrainian visa documents for business invitations.

Requirements and documents

To obtain a short-term visa of category C, you must first receive an invitation registered in the Migration Service. If this document is issued on the company's letterhead, it does not give grounds and the right to give you permission or an invitation.

It is important to consider that for a positive response, the Ukrainian company must have sufficient funds to cover the living expenses of the guest (guests).

Extradition is possible based on availability:

  • Certificate of registration, taxpayer certificate, an extract from the state register and the latest declaration from the company's tax office in Ukraine.
  • Photocopies of the personal passport of the director or deputy (trustee) of the company inviting the foreign partner to negotiate.
  • Charter of the company, certified by wet seal.
  • Letters from the company inviting the guest, in which guarantees are provided to cover the expenses of the foreign guest during the entire stay in our country.
  • Order on the appointment of a number of persons (or one responsible employee) who are responsible for the arrival of a partner. Their responsibilities include booking accommodation, meeting and delivery of the guest to a temporary place of residence, providing translators (if necessary).

Validity of a business visa to Ukraine

This type of entry permit is significantly different from others, due to the fact that the main purpose of issuing a visa for a business visit to our country is to solve specific problems, namely:

  • Find and build partnerships
  • Participation in trainings, seminars
  • Exchange of experience between colleagues
  • Signing contracts
  • Investing in projects

There is no official employment, therefore, such types of visas are divided as:

  • Short-term (its cost varies around $ 85)
  • Visa with a one-time entry (130 USD)
  • Multiple entry visa (200 USD)

Urgent consideration will cost the foreigner in the equivalent of double tariff. This payment is made to the consulate on account of the services rendered and is not returned to the applicant in the event of a visa refusal.

The embassy can refuse a foreign guest by sending a written message indicating the reasons. This document is subject to appeal if the applicant applies to a special consular unit. To do this, you will need a well-written appeal letter asking you to review the application again.


Tentatively, it will take no more than 15 working days to process your application from the moment a full package of documents is submitted to the Ukrainian embassy for a decision. If the embassy needs a more detailed review, the procedure can take up to 30 days. An urgent consideration in the event of the existence of valid reasons lasts up to 15 days, but subject to obtaining consent from the Ukrainian ambassador.

According to most of the partners who come here to build partnerships with Ukrainian small and large enterprises, our country has a fairly developed modern Ukrainian business culture. This attracts new investors and has a positive effect on the development of the economy, which is important for Ukraine as the largest state in Europe.

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