Ukraine tourist visa invitation letter - tourist voucher

29 July 2019

The number of foreign guests who wish to visit Ukraine has increased significantly in recent years. Someone just arrives to reveal the rich cultural heritage of this country, the others are aspired to get education here or to develop business. And here arises an obvious question – how to get visa? In this article we discuss the nuances of obtaining tourist permission to enter Ukraine.

Today the entry to Ukraine is regulated in different ways for the national citizens of different countries. EU and CIS citizens have the right of crossing the border without permission. People from other countries have to follow more strict rules.

It is also important to admit, that the nationals of definite states, which constitute a potential supply of illegal migrants, must apply for visa only after agreement with the Security Service of Ukraine. The list of these countries is represented on the official government website. The information about the countries, citizens of which require invitation for a short term visa is also provided there. 

Another essential question which might be interesting for every traveller regards the terms. So, after you provide the documentary required, you should wait about 2 weeks for your visa. It will cost you 100$. Meanwhile, you can accelerate the procedure by doubling your payment and you will get your permission in 3 days.

NB! Ukraine has a concept of a host party, which takes full responsibility for the foreigner during his stay in the country. In the case of Ukrainian tourism the responsibility lies on a local tour operator within the limits of his bank guarantee. At the request of law enforcement agencies these funds can be used to recover the costs incurred in connection with the stay, maintenance and return of the foreigner to his native country. Therefore, the papers provided by the foreign travel companies cannot be the basis for issuing a visa and passing border controls.

Another essential thing is that a travel package for the right to obtain visa can be issued by a Ukrainian tour operator only. Travel agents can act as intermediaries in the service implementation of a tourist operator.

Besides, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, tour operators and travel agents can be the subjects of tourism activity. All the other companies and individuals act as entities offering related travel services. Thus, having only a hotel reservation cannot serve as a basis for opening touristic visa and crossing borders, since the hotel is responsible only as part of the client’s location. If the client remains illegally in Ukraine, the hotel is not responsible for that. Booking is an additional condition for getting visa permission along with other Ukrainian visa documents.

We provide a full list of papers for a hassle-free entry to Ukraine:

  • Valid passport, with several blank pages. It’s expiry date mustn’t be less than in 3 months;
  • Completed and assigned visa application form;
  • 1 photo (3,5x4,5), taken not later than the last three months;
  • Touristic voucher issued by an authorized agency. The document must bear the stamp of an agency and the signature;
  • Hotel booking confirmation.

What concerns UA visa for minors, children under 16 years old, whose data is entered in the passports of parent accompanying them, don’t need separate visa. If a child has his own passport, then a parent needs a separate registration for him. The minors, traveling alone must submit their permission, issued by a notary.

All visa categories are offered by diplomatic missions as well as consular establishments of Ukraine abroad.

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